Harwell Loop

Slab prep

Forms for the concrete slab are placed. The grade away from the street made the slab about 3 feet above ground level at the back of the house.


House just being framed up

Fireplace rough-in

The fireplace is a wood-burning fireplace but is fitted with natural gas, and can receive a fireplace insert that uses the natural gas.

Bay Window

A bay window was added for the master bedroom, which faces the conservation area behind the house.


Austin stone (a white limestone) was added to the front finish. The same stone was used for the fireplace.


The fireplace after insulation and drywall

Ceramic tile floor

A ceramic tile floor was used for high durability on the main floor. Stairs and upstairs are carpeted.


I built a work area in the corner of the garage.

Finished house

House as finished. We've started on doing some landscaping but that will be a multiyear project.


Views from the kitchen/living room.


Views from the kitchen/living room.

Penntek in the garage

We added a floor coating in the garage called Penntek. Makes the garage brighter and we don't need to worry about spills.