Family Photos

27 December 2020 Pics from the holidays

Christmas lights

Some folks go all out!

Train Table

The boys unwrap the new train table.

Getting to work

Emerson starts building the tracks.

Life at the Lake

Papa Steve, Jaxson, Emerson and Hudson survey the lake while Gracie and Winston stand guard.


Emerson, Hudson and Jaxson take over the bed.

Boys in lights

The boys look over some Christmas light displays.

Ready for Winter

Baby Blair might not be ready for this snowsuit!


Little Red Riding Hood is off to grandmother's house.

Fat Cat

Fat Cat is ready to play anytime

14 December 2020 Some new pics from Team Simon in Pueblo

Thanksgiving 2020

Blair's looking forward to some turkey! Simon and Tayler will have some leftovers....maybe!

Happy with Pappy

Simon says something amusing! According to Dad, the one smile was captured before a grumpy morning.

Rock the Town

Jamming in her music bouncer. Woah!

13 Dec 2020 - Latest photos from Pueblo and Kyle

Jaxson's 2nd Birthday

Jaxson celebrated his second birthday! He's a big boy now! We partied with the Whitehurst family.

Emerson's photo

Emerson takes a selfie with me and Chantal

Jaxson and Papa Steve

Another selfie

Jaxon is 2

Cute as a bug!

Christmas magic

Emerson and Hudson ham it up

Rosalinda with Jaxson

Leaning back to look at balloons might not be the best idea!

26 Dec 2020 - Tim visited Ben and Simon in Pueblo over Thanksgiving. Here's the boys and Cierra down by the riverwalk. Big smiles all around!

Raph and I had a great trip to Pueblo, to see Ben and Cierra, Simon and Tayler, and of course the beautiful Blair! Enjoy!

Not too sure about Papa Steve just yet!

There was the telephone....then the computer....then the crib with attached change table. The wonders of technology!

Simon does his doody.

Proud grandparents Bill and Marie